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Powerful antispam plugin for Outlook Express


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Spambully is an application developed to integrate itself in Outlook Express, the Microsoft email client. It's shown as another toolbar of the program. With only one click it's possible to decide if an email will end up in the inbox or in the SPAM folder.

The most interesting function of the program is the analysis it can make of an entering email. Spambully can show any type of data related to an email: the IP address it comes from, the company or organism that sent the message and even the country of origin.

The application uses the filter called 'Bayesian Rank', a statistics engine that determines if an email is SPAM depending on the number of times a suspicious word is repeated in the body of the message. This filter can be trained through the introduction of those words that are believed convenient.

Finally, Spambully includes different statistics that collect the impact of SPAM in your inbox: origin by country, IP, domains, date, etc.

The version included in is for Outlook Express. To download the version for the normal Outlook click here.


Trial version lasts 14 days.

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